In the Camps

Today we picked up loads of Eid sweets and a van full of clothes to take to one of the camps on the Turkish side of the border.  It was a short drive to get there.  When we got there everyone was really nice to me and they let me go straight in and talk to some of the children.  The adults stood around outside and talked to different people about going in, but they wouldn’t let them in.  I got out some footballs that I brought and started playing.  One of the balls rolled out into the road and exploded when it got run over by a huge truck.  It was SO loud!  Then they let me go in and the boys inside got out some metal goals and we started playing football together for a while.  The only toys they had were toy guns that they carried around with them while we played football.  At the end the men let me give only a couple sets of gloves and the footballs and skipping ropes to some of the girls.  They wouldn’t let the adults in at all.  We are going to try again tomorrow at a different place.


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