Sky News visit

Today I got to go to Osterley to visit Sky News.  We had to get up really early and skip the first half of school, so I missed Maths.  We got there and the security man gave us badges to wear that worked to get us past the gates and into the building.  We met Aoife there and she introduced me to lots of people.  One of the people was Zein and he got me a bag of crisps and talked to me about football.

Then it was time for me to interview Tim Marshall who is a foreign correspondent.  He and Zein have both been to Syria loads.  I asked them some questions about Syria and what it is like there.  Tim and Zein were both very nice and even taught me how to count to 3 in Arabic.

I also met Iman there.  She is from Hand in Hand for Syria and we filmed me asking her some questions outside in front of the building.  I got to wear a funny microphone that was on a wire.  Iman was really nice to me and even hugged me!

Then I got to go into the weather area and met Naz who told me what the weather would be like when I am in Turkey by the Syrian border.  She said it is going to rain at night.

After that I got to do a tour of the studio and watch all the screens with words on them and the newsreaders talking.  We even went into the room with all the screens and buttons were they control everything.  Then they let me sit in the chair on the news table and talk to Samantha, one of the presenters.  She told me to make a funny face and the people in the control room made my face appear on the huge screen!

Then I went down a long hall and into a small room with Aoife to record my voice.  I had to sit down and read some things about me into a circle shaped microphone.  It went really fast.

I was really tired when I left, but it was so cool.  My favourite bit was my face on the big screen and getting to ask all the questions.



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