Milkshake success.

On Saturday we launched the 21 Mile Milkshake at Oslar Coffee in Wokingham with help from my friends from school and from Gasp.  We got to the Gasp office early and started blowing up 200 balloons.  Gasp had shirts printed up with a drawing of me as a superhero on them!  Once we had the balloons blown up, we went out and put up some signs in the Wokingham Market.  Then we went over to Oslar Coffee to taste the very first 21 Mile Milkshake.  It wasn’t very good…. it was DELICIOUS!!!

My friends from school showed up and we all took as many balloons and stickers as we could carry and spread out around Wokingham.  It was loads of fun and we handed out all the balloons by the end of the day.  My friends were awesome at stopping people and telling them about me and helping Syrian refugees.

We went back to Oslar Coffee at the end of the day and all had 21 Mile Milkshakes and coloured in the JosephSwims colouring sheets.

Thank you to my friends and to everyone at Oslar Coffee and Gasp and everyone in Wokingham who bought the 21 Mile Milkshake.  If you missed out, you can still go to Oslar Coffee to buy one until the 17th of November.


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