The 21 Mile Milkshake

My new friends at Gasp have introduced me to Oslar Coffee in Wokingham and they have helped me create my own drink that I named the 21 Mile Milkshake.  They are going to donate 30% of the price of the milkshake to Hand in Hand for Syria to help Syrian people.


I am going to launch the 21 Mile Milkshake on Saturday the 13th October at 11am at Oslar Coffee on Denmark Street in Wokingham.  Gasp has done a drawing of me that makes me look like a superhero for all the stickers and balloons I get to hand out!  Maybe they will even let me cut a ribbon!


Please come see me on Saturday and try one of my 21 Mile Milkshakes at Oslar Coffee in Wokingham.

Here is the poster Gasp made: 21 Mile Milkshake Poster



One thought on “The 21 Mile Milkshake

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